Programm Block 3: Storytelling

Samstag, 10.11.

Being there. But to do what?
Presence, empathy and interaction in virtual iconic storytelling.

“Being there” is an expression frequently employed to characterize the feeling of presence elicited by 360° virtual immersive environments experienced via head-mounted displays. Such environments blur the threshold between reality and its representation, offering affordances and stimulating agencies in a de-framed space-time which appears to be in continuity with the actual space-time of the user. Recent technological developments (such as the NeuroSky MindWave headset in Richard Ramchurn’s 2018 movie „The Moment“, which allows modifications of the plot using one’s brainwaves) promise extreme possibilities of interaction. My paper will address the impact of such possibilities on the iconic story-telling, particularly focusing on the transformations of empathy between user and character.

Information: The language of this presentation will be English.

Philipp Bühler

Prof. Dr. Andrea Pinotti

Universität Mailand

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