Programm Block 3: Storytelling

Samstag, 10.11.

The web of (non)narrative encounters.

The presentation will evolve around how ephemerality plays a crucial part in how we experience and engage with Internet-based artworks, where variability is a factor that both the artist, the users and the art institutions relate to. These works facilitate a (non)narrative encounter, which through networked dynamics present an engagement beyond institutional walls, which include other types of users than those who traditionally engage with the art-world. This way of working is not new and has historical reference-points in e.g. conceptual art and the discussion about the dematerialized art object (Lippard & Chandler 1968) and the authenticity of reproducible artworks (Benjamin 1936), what is expanded here is the potentiality of decentralized web communication.

Information: The language of this presentation will be English.

Philipp Bühler

Tina Madsen

Künstlerin mit Fokus auf „Ephemeral Art“

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